20 Aug 2012

Failure again!

Two things drew my attention this morning…

  1. Threats were made against Justice Mark Mohammed and members of the judiciary staff during the trial of Abu Bakr. Two letters containing the threats were handed in, one to Justice Mohammed by an attorney involved in the trial, and the other handed to judiciary staff by a man in ‘Muslim garb’, who also made verbal threats. I cannot help but think that somehow, threats were also made to the jury (a 9 member, all female jury) who, though sequestered, would have been child’s play to be contacted.
  2. Jack now wants to increase the SRP intake from 5000, to 10,000. Cor blimey, I don’t know if I can imagine that many dunceys in one pool nuh.

In the first instance, nothing will come of it. In the second instance, I predict a rise in crime. No, I’m not a killjoy, merely marking an observation based upon past patterns of behaviour by those who fail to pull themselves out of the mire.