12 Aug 2012

Flood nightmare

These photos are courtesy the Daily Express.

flood 4











flood 8

flood 12






Yep, that’s a car buried under the mud and water.








This is in a country that had to build not one, but several desalination plants to provide water, not to all of its citizens, but to some. It’s enough to have me honing a 3 canal, had I been living there.

Two men lost their lives to mudslides.

Killed as he slept in his home was 65-year-old Solomon Britto, a retired mechanic and father of one who lived next to his sister at Richplain Road, Diego Martin.

The other man killed was Everald Bentham, 25, of Upper La Puerta in Diego Martin.

Britto's body was found almost three-quarters of a mile from where he lived, near a bridge along the Diego Martin Main Road close to the Khan and Sons Supermarket and Liquor Mart.

His sister, Rebecca Britto, spoke to the Sunday Express yesterday from the porch of her damaged home.

She recalled that around 4 a.m. yesterday, "I was sleeping and my son rushed out from his room and said how water washing through the place, and when I walk outside I see that my brother house wash away."

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar said unconfirmed reports yesterday indicated that two other people were missing after the floods in the area.