2 Aug 2012

Missing and out of action!

The Guardian (2012-08-01) reports that Therese Baptiste-Cornelis cannot be found!!

T&T ambassador to the UN Therese Baptiste-Cornelis has not been to her Geneva mission office and even the Government was unable to contact her up to yesterday. She has been incommunicado since negative feedback arose on statements she made at a German symposium where she laced her address with wide-ranging personal anecdotes.

This is most unusual. Perhaps the dose of insight was all too much. Could she have been carted off to a mental institution, as Cheryl Miller was? There is much gossip in the background that “she eh right.. in the head”. It’s all gossip of course, but still fair comment or supposition – as the speech she gave at an international symposium, could well be described as grossly scatty or inane.

Here it is again.