21 Aug 2012

Mistakes in the mind

Rock-crawlers – especially the gorilla chest beating types should pay particular attention to this blog. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they steupsed and sulked off, thinking or shouting expletives. Such is their arrogance. They feel they know it all – and nobody cyah tell dem nutn!! Well – especially the likes of me.

Most people hold themselves with in a certain degree of pride – to the extent that if they are told they are incorrect in their thinking, they would be likely to feel offended and instantly retaliate or ‘defend’ their fragile egos.  You know – the usual ‘Who do you think you are – God?,’ sort of thing. This reminds me of a video clip of George Carlin see below. There is very strong language in this – prudes and minors stay away. Please read on after the short clip.

But there are some people who are not wilfully stupid. They simply have not been taught how to think or to use their brains. This isn’t surprising as there is no ‘users manual’ for the ‘mind’. We assume that a traditional education will provide us with all the thinking skills that we need to get on in life. It isn’t true. People know this at a gut level. You also know a few very learned people who are garbled in their thought processes.

Nope – I don’t teach and I’m not about to start today either. The poster below is reproduced under license from YourLogicalFallacyIs.com. As some will recall ‘Inefficient thinking and logical fallacy’ are things I dealt with some time ago. I’ve printed and laminated the poster – and it now ‘lives’ on my wall at the side of my desk where I write all this stuff.