17 Aug 2012

Once a conman….

Some people does get vex when I label the police as dunceys. I don’t know why, as the evidence speaks for itself. Take for example, Jack’s new-found idea that he wants 5000 ‘Special’ Reserve Police integrated in the duncey service before the end of the year.

But guess what?

Applicants were not required to have academic qualifications but must be 18 years and over and properly attired for yesterday’s screening.

So now, we are going to have dunceys who do not even have the (previously required) 3 O levels. Not only that, he wants them to go home with police vehicles (which are already never at the stations to respond to calls), and their guns (which are rented to bandits).

Warner also said for the first time police officers would be allowed to take home their weapons and police vehicles.

My predictions: A rise in crime and extra-judicial killings coming soon. Courtesy the international conman, still trying to con the people into thinking he is an ‘action’ man.