14 Aug 2012

Overly Paranoid?

I missed this article the first time round, and it is only now I am seeing it… but I have to say I was dumbstruck upon reading it. Anand Ramlogan reminded me so much of Basdeo Panday, I was utterly speechless… I had to go and take a sleep on this (it is 2:36 AM) before I felt able to comment.

Speaking at the wedding of Stacy Roopnarine, “Ramlogan told the gathering that she impresses him by the way she dresses and conducts herself.”

Hmmm, impressed him by the way she dresses... considering that most photos ops show her [Roopnarine] in overly tight jeans and tops, I wonder whether Mrs Ramlogan is aware of the slant of hubby’s eye(s).

“Ramlogan said he was looking forward to seeing them produce a child.”  Whaaaaat the faaaaawwk? I seeing right, boy? In de ‘oman wedding, in front ah all de family and friends and the rest of the village? In a public speech representing the Prime Minister? You pulling ah Therese?

Note who the pundit was too. Abhedanand Persad- Sharma. The CAL pundit/director who went off on a 300K jaunt to India on CAL’s money. Pundit to the PM.

And Damian Lyder, Roopnarine’s husband was made a member of the NEDCO Board last year [14th April]. As I wrote in the Express forums:

I might be one suspicious national... but I doubt they decided to get married yesterday and just did it... what I mean is they've been dating some time, right? Natural event, innit?

My point is how did the boyfriend of the Minister end up on a State Board? (NEDCO). [14th April 2011]

As I said, I might just be one suspicious national, but I smell something not right.

All one big happy family. But maybe I jess overly paranoid and seeing bobol and corruption everywhere.