9 Aug 2012


After reading this article: Police Service best in local hands, I was struck by the truth and wisdom of this statement, that cut to the core of the article:

So, to sum it up, the reasons Mr. Williams feels he should be CoP in a country with with runaway violent and property crime, rampant corruption, drug-running and money laundering are:

1. I working in the Police Service for 33 years.

2. I have never taken a day sick leave.

3. I is a local.

Nice! And the Chair of the PSC supports the candidacy apparently on the same basis.

And this one:

I'm not sure what to make of Stephen Williams. Here's a man who fours years ago wanted to be CoP, was rejected by the then ruling party, and now says he's unsure whether he would reapply for the job at the end of his acting tenure. If only we could get politicians to do the same. Williams says he's a "qualified" lawyer. What does that mean, that he has a law degree? Most lawyers work as paper pushers, doing research for trials but never argued a case in court.

He keeps repeating the same refrain that his track record speaks for itself. So does Richard Thompson's and he ran last after mugging for the cameras before the 100 meters final. He goes on to say that after 33 years as a police officer there is nothing more he can do. Well there's a testimonial to a man who shouldn't be CoP. If he's done all he can do as a police officer, why should he be made CoP. You would think someone who wants to lead the Police Service will say there is so much more I can do. Great confidence builder Willie.

Here's comes the real reason this man doesn't deserve to be the CoP. He said he was exposed to the highest levels of training anyone could receive at leadership level in the Commonwealth and that in 33 years he never took a day's sick leave. Well I want to tell Willie I went to CIC for five years, never missed a day, and received the highest level of education anyone could receive in the Commonwealth, and I failed every final exam from Forms 1-5. It's about performance Willie. How many of you have sent your mutts for dog training and she still came home and crapped on the floor?

I had to laugh at the highlighted line. The last writer admitting he failed at everything. Smile