9 Aug 2012

Ready to dead now

Right! I make no apologies for this blog:

What dee Fucccck?!

That was my initial, jaw-dropping thought/action when I read this morning’s Express headline:

'Week of prayer to help fight crime'

A WEEK [sic] of prayer has been declared as part of the arsenal to help this country deal with crime.

The decision was taken following a meeting yesterday between National Security Minister Jack Warner, heads of security divisions and heads of religious organisations at the Ministry's Temple Court office in Port of Spain.

A whole fucking week (that’s why Express reporter Anna Ramdass has it in capitals – she must be as stunned as I am) of prayers, called by minister Jackass Warn(ingy)er.

Yes, the long awaited (2 years) PP crime plan is… a whole fucking week of prayers. And hear this hairy cacahole:

"I am sure with the positive thoughts and vibrations of prayer of everyone, we can certainly do something positive for our nation as we celebrate our 50th anniversary," said [president of the Inter-Religious Organisation Harrypersad] Maharaj.

Allyuh praying for decades, day in, day out, night time too. Allyuh praying while getting kidnapped, robbed, beaten, chopped, raped, murdered in all kinda styles and fashion, and crime still going up... but allyuh still seeing that as the solution to crime?!

I think I could dead now... I have finally seen everything life have to offer. Nothing could beat back this.