7 Aug 2012

Results: Baptiste-Cornelis survey

The rum-shop-type utterances of Baptiste-Cornelis have caused much uproar as some may be aware. I present the results of our recent survey from Resurvey.net – which was carried out over here (and is still live). There is a collection of key comments, below the results graphs, from those who took part in the survey (see related links at the end – click for: PDF version ).


The following is a selection of comments made by various anonymous persons, submitted to the survey (spelling and grammatical errors included):

  1. Shame to be a Trini
  2. I think she is a very mixed up woman ,my opinion,i think a small child could have given a speech better than her .. the way this woman portray the Trinidad and Tobago people as dumb and stupid ..her pronunciation of words was poor ...my goodness, nobody want to know fertile her sister is ...very bad taste ..can you believe how she could wine ,like hold her waist and gyrate , how shameful can one be...,if she hater politics, why did she accepted the post in the first place ...ohh i could on and on ... this is such a shame ..
  3. It's revealing of how appointments have been made by the current government and reminiscent of the Reshmi Ramnarine and scandalous appointments. The fact that she hasn't been recalled is also indicative of the mental rot that guides those who put her there. Makes me wonder also how she got the job teaching at UWI. Was she interviewed? Or just knew someone who had her put there? What's the solution for the people? Sounds like some old-fashioned grassroots work is needed to form opinions and real political pressure groups...
  4. She unwittingly exposed her Prime Minister and her farce of "different" politics.
  5. Its a shocking revelation of our emptiness as a people when a woman who uses her position as lecturer and muse would resort to subliminal messages to support her political party. The lack of ethics she displays is characteristic of too many members of our governments (past and present) and those who selected her and others like her are leading us to a place where familiarity and convenience trumps ethics every time.
  6. Embarassing and undignified. It would have been more appropriate for a US talk show for example Ophra Winfrey.
  7. It was my understanding, based on the given topic and the rather lucid introduction by the member of the host Institute, that the presentation was meant to cover the matter of Cultural Diversity as the Fourth Policy Area of Sustainable Development. In spite of my best efforts at listening, I was unable to determine just what her excellency was attempting to convey to her audience. There seemed to me to be no definition or outline by her of the topic: this is normally done by speakers in an attempt to provide context. And, throughout the 37 minutes, in spite of her somewhat fleeting allusions to certain steps that her government has taken I could not determine what her position or indeed the Country's policy was as regards utilizing Cultural diversity as a plank for achieving sustainable development. Try as I may, I am sorry, I just could not draw the nexus between the topic and the lecture! I have tried to put myself in the seat of one of the delegates at this conference hosted by the Institute of Cultural Diversity. Such a delegate could only come to the CHARITABLE conclusion from this mish-mash of irrelevant diatribe that perhaps English is not the first language of the people of Trinidad and Tobago and that her Excellency has herself only just learnt the language (and even so, has had very little exposure to conversational/business English).
  8. In poor taste, and lacking in content. Bereft of all diplomacy.
  9. Even allowing for humour this verbage or logorrhia is unacceptable especially from a rep. of a small island state as the perceptions of backwardsness will only be strengthened!
  10. It is indeed sad that this is how persons are selected for positions in a government at this point in time of T&T's history. If the lady wanted to tell a story she could have done so at a Trini lime certainly not on that platform. It also shows the gullible nature of Trinis, if she actually succeeded in convincing Lok Jack students that Kamla was the ideal candidate to vote for.

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