11 Aug 2012

The Bloggers’ Press

Bloggers unite!! Let us declare our INDEPENDENCE on or before 31st August 2012.

We are totally fed up of traditional media inappropriately censoring the people and our comments, when no policy, and no moral or legal principle, has been breached.

The actions of traditional media are wrong especially on the Rock. They grossly infringe our rights to freedom of expression.

Spread the word through the blogosphere, that we will be creating a BLOGGERS' PRESS! This will go live online very soon. Yes - this is where we will collectively deal with the issues - as we see fit. We will be accountable for what we produce.

There will be unlimited space for citizens to speak freely in an accountable way - true freedom of expression will be yours.

If you are a blogger or an aggrieved citizen and you wish to be part of this effort, please express your interest and thoughts by a comment below. Alternatively email Jumbie or me. My email address is walker.captain@gmail.com

You can text this blog from your phones to others by sending this: http://bit.ly/jw-bloggers-press

United we stand – a force to be reckoned with! Let’s do it. Yes you can!