3 Aug 2012

Your Personal Bullet

Yes – it’s official you can have your own bullet marked out for you on dee Rock. The Rock-crawlers don’t like to see or have anyone comment on these sort of headlines? Why? Because they need to remain in a deluded state of existence that ‘Dem country i’s dee bes’ in dee worl’ tuh live’. Oh and when dey have dey faces rubbed in it, their favoured responses are likely to be:

  1. Come nah.. you come dong and live here.. den talk!”, or
  2. I’s all drug and gyangs related. Sensible people doh get involved wid t’ings like dat!
  3. ..any other defensive reaction – any blasted response that maintains their world view.

I have few friends or acquaintances, just because I tell people arong me what I think about them and anything else I please. And I say to you ‘give me your hate’ – it’ll change nothing of the facts. Your nation is a cesspool of stinking crime – and you probably live on hopes wafted under your noses by politicians and religious leaders that they can make it better, in time to spare your premature end. If that is you, know that you too are waiting on your personal bullet. How many are building dat raft?