17 Sept 2012

An abundance of failure!


Some time ago I renamed T&T ‘Monkey Island’, then I called it ‘Donkey Island’. At other times it was referred to as ‘the Rock’.

Well after the recent fiasco with Section 34, I’m lost for words.

Martin Daly put bullpistle on dem. But the regime is now seen as insightless, groping in the dark, and shameless.

I’m not going to waste words here expressing my feelings.

It’s time to call the election now.

Anand Ramlogan, Kamla Persad-Bissessar and Hubert Volney should be the first to resign. However, I doubt that will happen. One has to have self-respect and self-awareness before one considers ‘resigning’. I’ve seen no evidence of these characteristics. All I see is one set of big mouth.

As I’ve said before and I say again, ad nauseum, “BUILD DAT RAFT”.