7 Sept 2012

Censorship-alive and well

In the Express website, I tried to post a comment on this story:

I too would like to see proper remuneration, especially after the following is in effect:

1)  a complete change in the attitude of police dunceys toward the public. Meaning

a) no more slapping of innocent bystanders
b) responding to callouts and not making excuses that they have no vehicles
c) stop drinking in out of the way bars
d) learning to read, write, spell and drive manual vehicles
e) taking reports at any station and passing on to the relevant station instead of shunting victims from one station the other

2) less extrajudicial killings

3) stop using police vehicles as liming aids

4) stop taking bribes

5) stop shaking down the public

… They are so many more that I cannot even begin to list, but I would like to see all of these before remuneration is discussed.

And wouldn't you know it, I received the same standard message: "Your comment must be approved by the site admins before it will appear publicly."