14 Sept 2012

How sweet it is

Running with the bulls

The morning, my eyes opened in more ways than one. The first thing that accosted me this morning when I opened the newspapers was that the Integrity Commission has cleared Vidwatie Newton (sister of the Prime Minister), and the Office of the Prime Minister , saying:

"Pursuant to Section 33 of the Integrity in Public Life Act, Chapter 22:01, 'the Act', the Integrity Commission has conducted an investigation into an alleged breach of the Act, to wit: Ms Vidwatie Newton, a non-employee of the State, travels on overseas trips which were financed by the Office of the Prime Minister.

"Kindly be advised that the Commission has found no breach of the Integrity in Public Life Act, Chapter 22:01 by anyone at the Office of the Prime Minister."

This was of course, expected.

Champagne please

Word has it that the certain minister, (not calling names, but known "to act on his own accord"), has been seen in Tobago sipping champagne with the owner of a resort where his ministry held a retreat. Said resort is owned by one of the two men currently taken advantage of the proclaimed section 34 of Administration of Justice (Indictable Proceedings) Act.

Given that this minister was allegedly in with the legal adviser to the government to set up this particular act of Parliament, specifically for the benefit of the two men, it seems to me that the haste in celebrating is a little presumptuous.

Seeking teeth, not dentures

The Integrity Commission seeks to have some actual teeth. I support them fully.