13 Oct 2012

On… attitude

Over the years, I’ve seen many persons call for Constitutional Reform, and/or updating of archaic laws in Trinidad and Tobago. Nothing’s wrong with that; it’s two areas which change is sorely needed to bring us into the 21st century.

On the other hand, I’ve been wondering if making these changes will actually make a difference to the average man? I’ll explain…

The average man in the street is one struggling for daily survival, trying to cope with providing for a family, children, trying to save a little, to own a house, possibly a car, tertiary education for his children and to afford a family vacation abroad at least once in his lifetime… at least, this is my view.

In the battle, he has to contend with:

  • criminals wanting his pittance, his savings, his car, jewellery etc.
  • red tape at various government departments providing services he needs.
  • ‘attitude’ from public servants; and also in the private sector.
  • poor health care… with attitude there too.
  • high crime rates… and attitude by dunceys too.
  • lazy teachers… and attitude there too.
  • non-functioning MPs… and yes, attitude there too.
  • high corruption, cronyism, nepotism… and attitude from those guilty of same.
  • a decrepit judicial system

Now, I can add to the above list, but I merely make these few observation to illustrate my points:

  • Attitude toward work/duty needs to be changed.
  • Enforcement of current laws is non-existent; due to attitude of dunceys.

How much change will happen, I ask myself, even with constitutional reform and new laws, if the attitude of the people does not change?

I shudder at the answer…