3 Nov 2012


For a number of reasons, the title of a blog should be short, succinct and catchy; at the same time giving a clear idea and precise look at the content. With this in mind, this morning I was searching for a simple, short title to explain some of the shenanigans that I have observed on Monkey Island.

Over the past several weeks, I have observed an inordinate amount of corruption, nepotism, cronyism, subversion, culture of patronage, lack of transparency, integrity, ethical behaviour… I am sure by now you get my drift.


With regards to the charges of corruption, the Prime Minister has openly declared there is no evidence of corruption in her Government:

“They talk of corruption in my Government and up to today they cannot give me one specific instance of corruption. They call names, they blame people, there's nothing I've seen evidence of and I promise you this - the day any evidence of corruption comes in my face I will deal with it.”

"No minister will stand, no councillor will stand and no board member will stand. I've already demonstrated my commitment to transparency and accountability."

I guess then Mdm Prime Minister you have forgotten:

  • Reshmi Ramnarine who leapfrogged over 22 persons to become head of the SIA, despite having no qualifications and no experience.

  • Mary King, who used her position as Minister of Planning, Economic and Social Restructuring and Gender Affairs to award a $100,000 contract to a company, Ixanos, in which King’s family has an interest.” According to the Prime Minister herself, "new evidence came to light following an investigation conducted into the matter by the Attorney General Anand Ramlogan”. She explained that her decision to remove King as both a senator and government minister was based on that new evidence.

  • Hubert Volney, who was fired for “misleading Parliament.” That is corruption also.

  • Collin Partap, Minister in the National Security Minister

  • Therese Baptiste-Cornelis, Minister of Health

  • Verna St Rose-Greaves, Gender Affairs Minister

  • Vasant Bharath who purchased a Porsche for personal use through his Ministry and subsequently used it to run over the foot of a pedestrian while intoxicated.

  • Devant Maharaj, who gave an ‘official’ cell phone to his lover and had his ministry paying the bills. 

I can go on and on…