13 Nov 2012

Ukraine 1

I am currently in Lugansk, Ukraine. I came here from Birmingham International Airport via Schipol and then Borispol Airport near Kiev. Kiev is the capital city of Ukraine. Taxi fare from airport to Kiev's centre is less than £3  (grivnas or UAH - Ukraine currency). It is £1 to 13 UAH.

It is cold, but no rain or wind like England. It feels warmer. I tried some local soup which is healthy and fantastic. People here are fitter and slimmer than in UK or in Trinidad. That was my first observation!

To get to Lugansk I came by train. I called it the "Harry Potter" train because it has the same appearance as the train in the Harry Potter movies. That is, a corridor to walk along and sleeping cars. The journey took about 15hours from Kiev to Lugansk but at night.

Lugansk has many universities so I see a lot of young people here. Even a few students from Africa and Pakistan. Many study computing, medicine and management.

In one photo you can see tram lines - trams still run here. In the other photo you can see the main building of the Agrarian University.

More to come!