3 Nov 2012

Unconnected ramblings of my fed up mind

Lately I have been blogging less often, mainly because I am completely fed up with the nonsense that I see on a daily basis. Stupid acts perpetrated on the public by the government, by public servants, by health authorities, by police dunceys, by lawyers, by “independent” bodies… The list is seemingly endless.

Having been blogging for over six years, I can say with all honesty that blogging takes a lot of effort; especially if one does it every day as I do. While some postings may provide a cathartic effect, some induce a depressive despondency - a funk, if you will. In the long run it takes an emotional toll upon the writer.

Since my heart attack at the end of June 2012, I have been in and out of the hospital nearly 10 times (that is a mere three months), so the additional stress upon me to blog every day is not something that I need at the moment; Apologies for the intermittent postings.

At the same time, I have decided to put my recuperative time at home to good use - I have registered for two more university courses, one of which has already started. The second starts in February 2013. One would think that I have a lot of time on my hands and that progress will be remarkably quick… Unfortunately this is not the case. I find myself quite exhausted and certainly cannot be as active as I was prior to my heart attack. My concentration and hours of study are severely affected.

I have also been exploring many of the free courses that are available on iTunes from different universities around the world. I especially recommend that Oxford University’s free courses on critical thinking and ethics.

One of the bright spots in all of this was chatting to my Ukrainian penpal more often through Skype and email. I discovered that she is a remarkable woman, admirable in many ways.

She pursued two undergraduate degrees simultaneously at two different universities, and Masters and Ph.D., achieving all of this at the age of 26, while being married, working and raising a child. She also taught herself English by reading the dictionary (her native languages are Russian and Ukrainian, but more Russian since she lives closer to the Russian border) and learning pronunciation from the dictionary’s directions. She learnt sentence construction from the meanings of the words. She reads and writes English well. But having limited exposure to speech, especially to foreign accents, her understanding of the spoken word is limited.

I find her method of expressing herself rather charming, because even though she uses the “wrong” words, the meaning is crystal clear and sometimes even more vivid than if she used the usual words that we Westerners would use. We became penpals because she wanted to improve her English; but I confess, sometimes I do not “correct” the enamouring way she has of expressing herself. Smile Shhhh.

For example, boat becomes “bow-AT” (the ‘at’ having a distinct pronunciation, instead of the proper ‘bowt’). When speaking to someone, she describes it as “conversating”.

Enough about that…

Recently, another friend of mine became a published author; a book of poetry, no less! Congratulations to her.

After three years, I am finally upgrading my Samsung Galaxy S to the ultra-new Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Expect more on its performance from next week as I receive it on Monday. Punks, of course, is delighted to inherit my Galaxy S… Although she has hinted that she is getting a bit tired of my “hand-me-downs”. We will “retire” her Nokia 6220 as a spare for emergencies.

I recently managed to catch Skyfall on IMAX… I’m delighted to see the film concentrated on Bond, the man rather than the gadgets. Like Casino Royale, this movie went back to the true roots. An interesting note is that I have never seen in all my 10 years in England, a crowd of the immense size I met at the cinema. With perhaps the exception of the final two Harry Potter movies, I have never seen a full cinema, except for this movie.

Well, I am out of here… Things to do, people to see et cetera…