27 Dec 2012

Flour more than water

Well, well – it’s some time now that I’ve turned my attention to issues on the Rock. As many know, I have an obsession with water especially on your fav rock i.e. water supply, floods, desalination plants etc etc.

This morning I happened to glance some of Rock news, and what do I see? No water in South for Christmas. What they mean is, no water in taps – or for those with OCD, an interrupted water supply in certain southern parts of the Rock. There is of course no shortage of water when in comes to floods.
So, whilst I jeer at several regimes that are all collectively responsible for this state of affairs, and hold Rock crawlers over the last 50 years primarily responsible for allowing these regimes to treat them with contempt, I am aware that those who need to make bread, roti and flush their toilets and wash their hands, will be in some difficulty over the festive period.

I’ve tried my best to be empathic and sympathetic etc – but I’m just drawing blanks this morning. How do I feel sorry for a people who have collectively courted their own destiny; remained divided and ruled by tribal loyalties? I don’t. So tough! As always my offers to assist those wishing to jump from the Rock remain open – and I’m totally fair in that I’m also encouraging Rock-seekers from dis side to head dong!! (aka head down).

But despite all the corruption, thievery, crime and suffering your Rock remains the 5th happiest place on earth. Um errrh.. I’m sure many a drug addict is very happy when on his/her chemicals. Moral of the story? Embrace hedonistic oblivion – at least you’re happy in life and at the end of it.