17 Feb 2013

A different view

Machel Montano, de ‘Toro’, has finally ‘apologised’ to the victims of his criminal behaviour. 5 years too late but even then, it is a ‘qualified’ apology, lacking in sincerity and reeking of a certain… self-preserving interest. In other words, ‘ah hope de judge see this on de front page and doh lose meh arse in prison’… not that that would be a bad thing, even if the Mt Hope rumours are untrue.

But hear de ‘Toro’:

"Now that it has all come to an end," he said, "I take the time to reflect and I admit it has been an emotionally demanding year for me, to say the least. I travelled to different continents to record, completed two albums, toured the world and dealt with the unfortunate five-year court case before me. I am grateful to my family, friends, fans and well-wishers for all the support I have received.

"I'd like to express my regret and apologise to the victims and their families for the series of events that have affected their lives over the past few years. The actions on that day five years ago have produced unintended consequences and for that I am deeply sorry. My hope is that we learn from this unfortunate incident and become pillars in our communities to ensure these calamities never happen again."

Aside from the noticeable ‘I, I, I’ readers should pay attention to the qualifying words highlighted in purple. He’s NOT apologising for his behaviour and actions, but for the ‘series of events’ and the ‘unintended consequences’… which could actually be an apology that his life, touring, recording etc (as outlined in paragraph 1) were affected.

So much bull droppings that the name ‘Toro’ is richly deserved. Oddly enough, the Express has declined to open comments on this article.