18 Mar 2013

5 years on, nothing has changed

It doesn’t give me any satisfaction to see a headline screaming:

Police statistics for 2013 show: Murder detection rate under 10%

That is stale news for regular readers of this blog. Since 2007, when this blog was started, I have been pointing out this very pertinent fact as to why I call police officers dunceys… and why they fail to progress in any intelligent matters.

Detection, says Dana Seetahal, SC, means that someone has been arrested and charged for a crime. It doesn’t mean the culprit has been found guilty in court. 

The conviction rate on murders, that is to say, the rate of persons convicted of murders in court, is an abysmal 1% of the detection rate (mainly domestic violence murders where the guilty party is readily identified)… which is roughly 3.65% according to statistics provided by one ex-Commissioner of Police. I might add here that these figures are repeated ad infinitum on this blog, time and time again, with evidence to support the accuracy of the statement..

And to add to the mantle of shame poured on the heads of Third World leaders, we have the Forensic Science Centre being run like a ‘grocery’.

Dr Valery Alexandrov who has worked extensively in the US, Europe and the Middle East, said he had never encountered a forensic facility anywhere else which opened at 9 am and closed at 4 pm.  International forensic centres, he said, opened 24 hours a day so that the bodies could be processed and the autopsies done immediately.

The ONLY improvement made in crime detection was when Gibbs and Ewatski, 2 Canadians, were in charge of the police service. After they were unceremoniously kicked out, the entire service fell once more into the same cesspool of decay… and the frustrations of the people are plain to see. One HNIC claimed to have all the solutions; nearly a year has gone by and despite promises of a 6 month turnaround time (long exceeded), the HNIC has still not even implemented ONE policy/tactic to show he is even on the job.

But if having a big mouth and making unsubstantiated statements in Parliament is a requisite condition of the post he holds, then he is right on the ball.

Whatever may come, remember, dung gets hard at the top first.