13 Mar 2013

Captain Jack

If, as Gypsy (Winston Peters) once postulated, Trinidad and Tobago is a sinking ship, then Jack Warner must be the Captain.

Just take a look and see how many articles in the press are related to Jack, and then count how many are actually freed up for commenting. So far, in the past month that I’ve been monitoring, not one has been allowed a comment online.

Freedom of the press indeed!

By the way, I am amused that the TnT Parliament’s website is still promoting Jack as a member of FIFA and ‘can do’ person (especially when I ask myself what has he accomplished except accumulating wealth under a whole lot of suspicious circumstances?):

Mr. Jack Austin Warner was first elected to the House of Representatives on November 05, 2007, representing the newly created Chaguanas West constituency. Mr. Warner was reelected on May 24, 2010 and was appointed Minister of Works and Transport shortly thereafter.


  • Demonstrated achiever with exceptional knowledge of international markets, business practices, real estate and rental properties
  • Skilled at learning new concepts quickly, working well under pressure, and communicating ideas clearly and effectively
  • Political interests national and international
  • Enthusiastic and experienced in overseas travel


  • Presentation College, Chaguanas
  • Teacher’s Diploma: Mausica Teacher’s College 1963-1965
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree: University of the West Indies St. Augustine 1967-1969
  • Diploma in International Relations: Institute of International Relations St. Augustine 1969-1970

Career History & Accomplishments

• Teacher (History): Polytechnic Institute, Port of Spain 1970-1993
• Elected General Secretary of the Caribbean Football Union 1978
• Elected President of the Caribbean Football Union 1983
• Elected President of CONCACAF 1990
• Appointed Special Advisor to the Trinidad & Tobago Federation 1990
• Vice-President of FIFA 1997
• Founded the Professional Football League in Trinidad & Tobago 1999


Businessman, Real Estate, Rental Properties, Political Interest

Memberships & Affiliations

• Member of the Executive Committee of the Trinidad & Tobago Football Association
• Member of FIFA Executive Committee
• Member of FIFA Committees: 2005
• Member of the Bureau 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany
• Member of FIFA Emergency Committee
• Member of the Organizing Committee for the FIFA W/C 2006 and 2010
• Chairman of the Organizing Committee - FIFA U17 World Youth Championship
• Chairman of the Organizing Committee - FIFA U20 World Youth Championship

http://www.ttparliament.org/members.php?mid=54&id=JWA01 accessed 13.03.2013