2 Mar 2013


Radha ‘Pixie’ Lakhan was murdered in 2005. Her alleged killer, one Paul Vincent, was arrested the same year. Today, 7 years after the crime and arrest, a jury was picked to go to trial, in Trinidad.

Contrast that with the UK, where a killing that happened in September 2012, the perpetrators have already been found guilty today… 2/3/2013.

And yet, people on that little Rock continue to carp and complain about ‘colonialism’. If this is colonialism, I want it to revisit that Godforsaken island and bring change.

I don't want to cause friction on this website, but one man self-named himself "head nigger in charge", and crime spirals out of control under his 'charge'.

So it did as well under all others of his ethnicity.

Ironically, the lowest crime rate was when we had no 'Head Nigger In Charge' but a white Canadian... am I missing something here?