22 Mar 2013

Open Letter to President Carmona

Mr President,

You have successfully inspired a large cross-section of the country with your first speech - by using the most appropriate ‘sound bites’… but like many sound bites, yours can indeed be misleading. I say ‘can’ instead of ‘will’ because you are merely days into your term. However, your actions, or inactions, from now will prove your mettle.

I don’t envy you your task; you have an uphill battle to change a country mired in a morass of decay. You have become a leader in a country where deliberate infractions of minor laws like littering and parking, to billion dollar white collar corruption are routine, everyday happenings. How you intend to change a whole culture is beyond my imagination, but I wish you luck.

Far be it for me, a lowly pleb to give advice to one such as yourself, but I do have to say that the ‘softly, softly catchee monkey’ approach never worked for generations. Now you might want to try carrying a big stick (or 2 x 4, rough) and walking tall. You might want to apply said tool upon the backs of several politicians, police seniors (or dunceys as I prefer to call them), various businessmen who are less than honest. I suggest that the Integrity Commission may need some painful reminders of its duties, as will the Police and Public Services Commissions and the Teaching Services Commissions. Mayhap said tool might prove useful upon some members of the Judiciary and the DPP’s office.

Leave Gawd out of your daily application of your duties. He has never helped anyone and ain’t about to start now. I know of not one instance where a prayer or holy man helped. Unless you can refer to them helping themselves…

Don’t make speeches when you need to work. In other words, work not on speeches but on the backs of those who need it most.

When choosing members of Commissions, let not those who accept cheques for dead men be considered, far less appointed. Follow the money has always been a good motto to follow. Watch more TV… some shows actually explain  how things get done in a First World country.

Speak less, listen more and go to the Gym often… wielding a 2 x 4 is not easy for one of your age.