30 Mar 2013

Outside the herd

It’s interesting that the herd instinct, referred to by Nietzsche and others (including the Cap’n) is alive and well on the Rock. What I find utterly fascinating is the way the herd gathers together to protect from an outside stimulus, a ‘stranger’ who hasn’t the same ‘instinct’ of protecting the herd.

What am I talking about, you may rightfully ask?

Well, concerning the blackout that hit almost all of the Rock for some 8 hours, Eternal Pantomime rightfully asked how come the photo op pictures of the PM were showing a time some 4 hours BEFORE the actual blackout.

One Roger D Ramcharitar dared to post a response at the UNCTT.ORG website.

As a former Advisor at the Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs, I sought clarification from colleagues within the industry and I have been able to ascertain that the clock in the photograph was actually a satellite clock which displayed an INCORRECT TIME as a result of the power outage knocking it off temporarily.

After reading that shite, I immediately offered to Mr Ramcharitar this bit of wisdom:

Perhaps your level of shite regurgitated is why you’re a FORMER adviser. Learn how an atomic or satellite clock works.

For those who do not know, an atomic, satellite, or wave clock receives a signal which automatically syncs the time to as accurate as “neither gaining nor losing time at a rate that would exceed a second in over a billion years”. My watch, for example, is a Casio Waveceptor which works on the same principle and receives 5 such signals per night and maintains accurate time.

Many retailers market radio clocks inaccurately as atomic clocks;[although the radio signals they receive originate from atomic clocks, they are not atomic clocks themselves. They are inexpensive time-keeping devices with an accuracy of about a second. Instrument grade time receivers provide higher accuracy. Such devices incur a transit delay of approximately 1 ms for every 300 kilometres (186 mi) of distance from the radio transmitter. Many governments operate transmitters for time-keeping purposes.

Once the electricity is restored, the clocks in Trinidad receive their signal from Miami and resets automatically. No need to go around manually setting time. Mr Ramcharitar, to put it bluntly, is merely perpetuating UNC propaganda to the herd. And they’re lapping it up. But for the outsider like me, my comments are seen as a threat to the survival of the herd and so I am censored.