24 Mar 2013

When your best is… nothing

What if your best isn’t good enough?

I ask this after reading these sentences:

[Catherine] Ramsahai said Government must not be blamed for the spiralling crime problem.

She said there is still hope even in the country’s darkest hour.

“Our Prime Minister (Kamla Persad Bissessar), as head of the country, and her entourage are doing their very best to curb crime in this country — as much as they possibly can.

‘Doing their best’? ‘As much as they possibly can’? For real? Serious?

Now, this is from the mother of a murder victim, a son who was, along with his cousin, tied with barbed wire and burned in a car truck… possibly burned alive. Now, I want you to envisage this… lying in a dark car truck, bleeding from lacerations inflicted where the barbs have been embedded through skin and flesh. You are cramped next to your closest friend, knowing he is undergoing the same torture and you cannot help yourself, much less him. Then you smell smoke, and feel heat. You begin to struggle desperately to get free, thus forcing barbs from the wire deeper into your fragile flesh, punishing yourself in order to have that last, hopeless fight for freedom. The heat rising, your screams go unheard. You struggle more and more recklessly, a panic born out of fear and desperation… the heat rises, and many minutes pass as your flesh burns, smoke fills your lungs, your hair and flesh melting and the stink of it filling your nose with rancid fumes. After unthinking, unimaginable agony, you mercifully pass out, and know nothing more, but your flesh continues to BBQ, cooking in the intense heat.

This is what a mother is ready to forgive, because her navel string is buried in the UNC, and because the PM and ‘her entourage are doing their very best’. A less than 10% solve rate for murder means this mother will never get justice, no matter how close she and her family are to the PM and ‘her entourage’.

Now, the morass of decay has finally declined so much that mothers are ready to forget their children existed, and forgive the authorities, the PM and ‘her entourage’ for doing… nothing.

If this wasn’t so sad, it would have been fawking funny as hell. Don’t worry, ma’am, your country remains the 5th happiest place on earth. Join in the song and dance.