15 Apr 2013

12,000 IDIOTS!

I am distracted this morning by a significant sign of monumental idiocy! Yes - there are more important things in the world - some of them also idiotic like North Korea threatening a nuclear strike - but this one where 12,000 people gather to hear a charlatan, really snatches attention away from everything else. See Angry Benny Hinn blasts photographers (TT Express 2013-04-14). Oh and you must see the short video below, which is unrelated except that it refers to a messianic Patrick Manning and his see-ah woman, on your fav Rock/heap.

The TT Express reported that, a 69 year old man who was suffering with prostate cancer, whose condition was not treatable was “whisked to the front line by a relative”. Unfortunately we aren’t told whether this incurable cancer was cured by the power that works through Hinn! Shame on the TT Express! After all Hinn could just make a whistle stop tour of the Nation’s hospitals and empty them in a fortnight - and I’m sure the Gov’t of your fav Rock/heap would donate generously to his Almighty’s mission.

If you look at nothing else, see here http://youtu.be/wioTQQw0edw?t=4m where Hinn says that in effect he is not to be held accountable for healings that weren’t healings because he is not the healer. Errh.. um.. so how does anybody hold to account ‘the real healer’? Not possible? Sure.. some tell me that God cannot be held to account. I disagree. I’ve held God to account before. I’ve since been told that there is a specially reserved cell in Hell with my name written above it. I dare say Hell doesn’t know what hell is coming to them! They may well find out down there! It’ll never be the same.

But hold on, don’t be too distracted by a ‘Bat rocketing into hell’! These people on your fav Rock/heap were encouraged to part with up to $USD 100 per head. Whilst I have no access to the exact figures, assuming each gave $USD 25 (equivalent to $TT 150), that could mean that Hinn collected 12,000 x $USD 25 = $USD 300,000!! Not a bad or unreasonable lower estimate, considering that more donations would have poured in from equally idiotic non-attenders (for two days work).

I really cannot go into it - proving how monumentally idiotic 12,000 people are. All I can say is that they are collectively idiotic to the tune of $USD 300,000 - and I think that’s a whole pile of idiocy gathered right there.

Oh - some of you may be wondering what’s the picture of the semi-nude female above with the jugs hanging out, about. That’s just another sign of collective idiocy. But that’s for another blog. Stay tuned. ;)