19 Apr 2013

And in the news....

... Is it possible that a man can stoop so low as to embarass himself in the eyes of others, yet feel no shame himself? The answer of course, is yes. Take the asinine brayings of Hubert Volney, who if you can believe it possible, is even more dotish now than he was at the time of the Brad Boyce trial.

Something tells me that poor Hubert is so disgruntled at his treatment after all the pomp of his intial wooing died down, that he now cares not for any semblence of sense, or indeed, sanity.

... After near 53 days of 'investigations', the DPP has finally received the file on the 'accident' at Sea Lots. One can recall that in this 'accident', an 'allegedly intoxicated' police duncey (yes, I know I am repeating myself there) mowed down 6 persons and killed a mother and her two pre-teen children. Oddly enough, he is to be charged only for 'causing death by dangerous driving' but 'no charges would be proffered for the injured.' Once more, the victims are forced into silence, even after death. The DPP has a remarkable track record for dotishness, but that may be just my humble opinion.

... Despite even further documented evidence of Jack Warner's corrupt practices, he 'has full Cabinet support'. Makes you wonder what strange bedfellows he has... and what hold he has over them.

All in all, Jumbie's First Law proves itself true ad infinitum. Go figure.