21 Apr 2013

Dirty people–dirty money–dirty leadership

2013_04_20_Warner_caption_commentWhat is very very obvious to average citizens of the Rock is that the PP have stood behind Jack Warner. Even after Warner resigned following a FIFA investigation, the coalition government decided to promote him to Minister of National Security. Jack Warner acted as Prime Minister… amazingly if the PM leaves this banana rock for another land, for just a few days, it is required for someone on home soil to act as PM, and Jack Warner it was. Joke and fun aside, what is the importance of the CONCACAF report’s findings on Jack Warner?

Firstly, let’s pick out the facts of what was reported by CONCACAF – it is really worthwhile understanding the extent of fraudulent conduct found by CONCACAF. What follows in the Scribd document below are key excerpts from the report specific to Warner. It is emphasised that these are excerpts taken from some sub-paragraphs and not meant to replace a reading of the full text with all the paragraphs.

2013 02 22 Concacaf Conclusions Extracts on Jack Warner

Secondly and most importantly, the public have formed a collective view that Jack Warner is an 'untouchable'. How could a man with so many potential skeletons in his closet become so powerful... and maintain such influence? It is mind boggling. See: Fucked!! , Some ponderings and Cream or Crap.  Even in the lead up to the CONCACAF report the prime minister was unaware of any background issues in relation to Warner's son being investigated by the FBI - and what that could mean for her government.

Well, well - now 'dee mark buss' as dey say on dee Rock. CONCACAF was not as restrained in it's conclusions, as the Court of Arbitration for Sport which said "Mr. Warner appears to be prone to an economy with the truth." (para 161 of judgement). Warner remains defiant in the face of the CONCACAF report findings and has his supporters asking silly questions.

So what does this whole situation mean? The question is obvious. Were the party faithful and Warner-loyalty connected in anyway. Sure they were, but to what extent. And how could a whole cabinet become so convinced that a man with Warner's record should be in government at all. It's often said that 'where there is smoke there is fire'. Well, the house was burning down, smoke or  no smoke. And now the house is about to collapse! Why? Because bombs are about to be dropped on the house.

We give you the bombs right here at Jumbie's Watch. You'll probably see them in the newspapers tomorrow.

  1. Did the UNC and PP either separately or together receive any monies from Warner or from organisations associated with Warner - at any time?
  2. If so, a full declaration to the people is warranted. Will the people be provided with the figures about who gave what?
  3. If not, will the government embark on an independent audit to evidence that no money was received from Warner or organisations associated with him that were mentioned in the CAS and CONCACAF inquiries?

What does it mean if money was received from Warner or organisations associated with him that were mentioned in the CAS and CONCACAF inquiries? It will mean that those elected into power have benefitted directly or indirectly from receipt of dirty money. It would be very difficult to distinguish which money - in the murky picture of Warner's operations - was perfectly clean.

Dirty people bring dirty money and dirty money leads to dirty leadership. If it is ever proved that dirty money was received by the UNC or PP, then we say it is high time that Parliament is suspended and an election is called. We put the President on notice.