10 May 2013

I eh able nuh!

Today’s Guardian has posted a second article on the CAL situation where Mohan Jaikaran, Vice-Chairman, is using his considerable ‘weight’ to force the airline to be his personal travel agency… [http://www.guardian.co.tt/news/2013-05-10/cal%E2%80%88offers-luxury-seating-public-officials].

Now, after reading this article, two things jumped out at me and rendered me speechless.

The first is the statement by CAL CEO Rabindra Mooonan (my apologies, yesterday I erroneously wrote that it was George Nicholas III, who actually resigned in August 2011):

“Let me just make one thing clear. An upgrade is not sponsorship. “I am not aware of those directives. I am not supposed to be aware of these things, because they do not come to me.”

Not supposed to be aware? WTF!!

The second item was this statement issued by WIN, Jaikaran’s company:

“CAL would have benefited from over $2 million in promotions for WIN as a sponsor of its events, not just in T&T, but in North America, where WINTV has a huge viewing audience because of its Indian-niched programming.”

It is curious that now that the national airline has supported WIN in Indian- niched events such as the broadcast of Divali Nagar and Chutney in the Park and the Mother’s Day show, that such a damaging report has been published.” 

Again, the sheer stupidity of this statement highlighted rendered me speechless, as I could not understand how WINTV ‘supporting’ CAL entitles WINTV to be exempt from reports of corruption. But that is just me, and my head aching at this point, I could only summon this one further thought: “I eh able nuh'!”