11 May 2013

Stupidity and dunceys… match made in heaven… or hell.

WHEN 17-year-old Sunshine Alfred went missing on Monday night, her frantic family went to three police stations, begging officers to mount a search. Instead, they were told the teenager had run away from them, probably with a boyfriend. “An officer said Sunshine probably ran away with a man.” [http://www.trinidadexpress.com/news/COPS-FAILED--SUNSHINE-207013641.html]

If this sounds familiar, you aren’t going mad… it’s the typical stock response of the dotish dunceys who are too (fat and) lazy to get off their behinds and do some work, the same dunceys we are paying every month and giving $1000 tax free performance allowances to. And if you’re aren’t angry about this, something is wrong with you… really. Because this has happened time and time again, and will continue to happen until the people demand more responsibility and accountability from the dunceys. Even at the end of a soundly applied bull pistle.

It’s historical that the dunceys would assume a missing girl ran away with a man… it’s the same response given for Radha ‘Pixie’ Lakhan, Rebekah Sugrim, Devika Lalman and others. All were said to have ‘run away with a man’ yet were found later to have been viciously assaulted and murdered, some within metres of their home.

But what I wrote previously about Patrick Manning could readily apply to Stephen Williams or indeed, any top duncey:

so steeped in corruption or stupidity the shit comes out of his mouth because he can't tell the difference from that and his own arsehole, so interchangeable are they.

Coincidently, almost all of the top dunceys at this time are named in the Scott drug report as being corrupt and part of the drug trade… go figure.

I eh able nuh… even the hard-wiring of hope deading…