17 May 2013

Travelogue 3

Luhansk (Lugansk) is a small(ish) town in the Ukraine. One thing I was impressed with is the architecture and landscaping that are occurring now. These buildings belong to rich people, let’s make that clear, but money can buy a lot Smile including good creativity.


This house occupies near one block, and is built almost like a castle.

The landscaping looks amazing in the sunset.

The front has a mixture of plants ranging from cherry blossom to grapes and firs. The vines are grapes, not ivy.







The ‘tower’ seems to be a nice place to chill out but I was impressed with the wall… must have taken a lot of patience to cut and fit slices of stone together. That wall by the way, varies between 12 and 20 feet high and more than a foot wide, and is long enough to circle the property.

No plastering in sight so it might well be that it stands because of the fitting of the stones.





This one is built out of BIG wooden logs fitted together. I was prevented from taking a better photo by a huge dog who looked at me as if I was his Last Supper. As you can see though, it is still being built. The logs are held in place by ropes and by careful cutting of the wood to make perfect fit.

Some o those logs are more than 22 inches thick.





This photo is of a plane in front of the aviation club. Looks like a single person fighter that was planted there but there was no one we could confirm that with, as I passed there on a public holiday and the club was closed.


However, the plane has battle scars and this more than anything had me thinking it is real.




Not too far from here is an actual circus…. a fixed building outfitted and used by different circus acts, seen below.