22 Jun 2013

‘bigging up’ yuhself

Now, I confess… I never liked that term ‘bigging up’ and it used to irritate me to the point of wanting to gnash my teeth whenever I heard people call in to radio or television stations and ‘bigging up’ their cronies. However, it does seem to be most appropriate for what is to follow…

Think of all those people who are not content to be recognised for what they have achieved, but want to be remembered for being… great? Famous?  Esteemed? Notable? Well, you get the picture… they wish to be recognised for something beyond what they have accomplished and therefore set out to jactitate in such a manner as to appear better than they actually are.

Such persons often pad their CVs with fictitious qualifications and I have to be alarmed at the growing trend of Trinbagonian ‘smartmen’ who do this. Because ‘smartmen’ then becomes the cruellest of misnomers.

Take for example, several mediocre or downright poor lawyers who recently conferred upon themselves the SC (senior counsel although some claims it does mean self conferred) title.

Take for example, one minister, brother of a famous pundit, who has become a ‘doctor’ out of thin air.

Or a pastor so similarly qualified.

Or this chap who faked all three of his cited degrees.

In itself, faking a qualification is bad, and a stupid move. What makes it past dotish, a real ‘dumfawk’ (a new word meaning there really isn’t a word to describe this level of dotishness) is that in this modern era of technology and information overload, they are sure to be caught!! So why take such a dumfawk action?

I guess they are primarily dumfawks and can’t help themselves.