5 Jun 2013

Breaches of protocol and protocol breaches

Recently, the newspapers were filled with articles on the breaches of protocol made during the visit of the President of China to Trinidad and Tobago. To say that breaches in protocol are a regular happenstance down on the Rock is to understate the obvious.

Take this headline I saw this morning…


Soca superstar gives $100,000 to Children’s Life Fund

My first thoughts were that this could not possibly be true… yet the article carefully provided details. Now, the obvious breach of protocol is this: the Government accepts, and proudly admits, to receiving gifts from a criminal. Now, lest you think I am being a tad unfair, let me make my point… this is akin to the government accepting a gift from Dole Chadee. Are you surprised at the comparison? Don’t be.

Keep in mind that Dole Chadee was never found guilty of being a drug dealer, yet the stigma of such a reputation made him tainted. On the other hand, here we have a convicted criminal saddling his bronc in same corral as a sitting government and no one appears to have even a moment of unease. But, it is a breach of protocol.

Of course, one may argue that at the time he was not yet convicted, only… rethink and see that he was before the courts and… unrepentant. Breaches of protocol.

And in another article, I found this one sentence tucked away so that it is nearly impossible to find:

[Special adviser to the Prime Minister, public engagement, Lisa] Ghany denied blog reports that she was fired or had left the job. She also denied she was ever slapped by any official of the Chinese delegation or from the Chinese Embassy during the visit of the President of China.


Okay, she is denying being slapped. Moonilal is denying there were protocol breaches (despite evidence and testimony to the contrary)… the truth is so twisted  by these PP personalities, I doubt they are able to identify… hmm, that thought is better left unarticulated.