1 Jun 2013

Car tyre stabbed–police respond.


My car tyre looked like if it was slashed, whilst it was on my driveway. It was not like that when I left the house this morning 08:15 AM, in my other car. When I got back at about 09:30AM that's what I saw.

Initially, I thought it was just punctured and went down overnight. However, on trying to reinflate it, I heard a hissing sound, which then led me to spot the cut on the sidewall.

I reported the matter to the police at 10:05. Today is a busy day in my town with a major festival happening. So I didn’t have high hopes of a timely police response.

However at 11:33 AM the police called me back and said they’d be over in minutes!!

Think – is it just because this is England that we get this sort of police response. By Rock standards this is a minor issue – “..you eh getting ‘ah police’ to budge for somethin’ like dat.’ Ah right or wrong? Talk nuh.

Update @ 14:55 GMT

The tyre repair man arrived at about 12:10PM. The Police arrived about 15 min later. No it wasn’t blue lights and sirens blaring – just in case you needed to have a bit of a chuckle. It was a blue crime scene van. The police officer was in uniform and approached with some sort of special case full of thingamajigs to detect crime. LOL. My car was dusted for fingerprints, around the damaged tyre. Nothing found, as expected but the police detective was careful enough to check for fingerprints anyway. [Clicking on pics below bring up larger images]

That’s what the cut looked like as it was. To the right it’s clearly a straight cut. The police officer concluded that it was a deliberate stabbing of the tyre with a sharp object, like a knife. There were no glass splinters in the cut or on the inside of the tyre. And no broken glass anywhere on my street.

20130601_122942_hdr_sm 20130601_131759_hdr_sm
That’s Keith Wilson of Hometyre to the rescue!  

That’s the new replacement tyre. Cost £163 fully fitted and balanced etc. Ahhhh. - but the Cap is always a few steps ahead. It’s all covered by my 4 year tyre insurance.

BTW the tyre that was slashed had 5 mm of tread on it. They normally start at 9 mm when new. It’s not legal to drive with less that 1.5 mm, and it’s advised that tyres are changed when less than 3.5 mm.

Well, I haven’t knowingly caused any disturbance in my neighbourhood to provoke this act of crime against my property.

My next door neighbour was surprised by this. We don’t have this sort of thing in our neighbourhood. We have a suspect or two in mind but no proof or evidence. But you can bet the Cap will be plugging that ‘gap’ soon.

It has made me wonder what people get out of this. All I can say is that there are some very twisted people out there. But why they do it, I imagine is because they can – and they know that they’ll get away with it. What a strange twisted sense of ‘achievement’.

Keith Wilson is an interesting chap and I’m doing a blog on him next. Stay tuned.