6 Jun 2013

Domestic Abuse and ignorance

Ignorance truly is bliss … what do I mean?


Today, the Express has an article about a woman, Rehanna Ali, who was killed by her husband.


Rehanna Ali, 28, was found with her head almost severed. Four of her fingers were cut off during what police believe was her attempt to fight off her killer.


It was a brutal murder. She was 28 and her husband was 48, but that is not relevant to what this blog is about. I wish instead to focus on the ignorance of those who comment on the Express Forum. Here are some examples of comments:


Nico: “Jail him and make sure he in a cell with a big fella


Rumflehead: “No time or money should be wasted on trial and housing this ______.

Execute him now and get it over with.”


Rickytom (in response to the above): “Someone very soon is coming to give you the world of "thumbs down" and say he's innocent until proven guilty. I agree with you 1000000% Torture him and cut him to death like he did to her”


P_dawg: “He deserves to be tortured... If just to satisfy her family a little. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a bloody tooth!


Rickytom: “Women must be able to gather strength and say no more. When you leave abuse, leave for good, do not return, if things didn't go well in the first instance you expect change? Until women start standing up for themselves the authorities will not take them seriously when they apply for restraining orders.


Nixxzlou: “SWIFT JUSTICE. I hope it don't take 10years to pop this monster neck.!!.

Who can we trust.!!. What a wicked snake in the grass MONSTER. Hang this sucker azzzzzzzzzzzz high in the Square. Rest in Peace Rihanna Ali. Condolences to All.


Happapp: “He should be incinerated.


Now I can understand that people are emotionally upset, and outraged. It is a horrendous crime from all descriptions that are published, but what these outraged citizens fail to see is that one cannot throw the law out of the window simply because one is upset. We would descend into chaos and anarchy if the suggestions on this page are followed. Torture? Incineration?


I do not think I saw even one person who added a voice of reason to the entire forum. A glaring example of lack of critical thinking skills that I keep mentioning on this blog. What is more, if anyone tried to introduce that the voice of reason, I am pretty sure that he or she will be insulted, denigrated and castigated all the way back to his very first ancestor. It is typical of Rock Crawlers to react this way.


There are three things that those on this forum fail to see and understand:


1.       That the law must be upheld for everyone in the same manner or else anyone will be open to abuse.

2.       That the vicious actions they wish upon the perpetrator in this instance can also be wished upon them.

3.       That it is easy to say that the victim should leave the abuser, but the reality is much harder to do.


Two of the cardinal concepts of the rule of law are that the law must be applied equally and that it must protect fundamental human rights. These rights are actually part of the constitution and the perpetrator is entitled to all the protection of the law regardless of his action. It is up to investigators to find evidence to convict him and failure to get a guilty verdict may lie solely in the hands of the investigators in this instance.


The ignorance of these people on the forum is astoundingly clear, and they are happy to wallow in their ignorance because as I said earlier, ignorance is bliss.


Here is a little insight on why women find it difficult to leave abusive relationships…



I hope it helps to dispel some ignorance.