23 Jun 2013

Essential reading for Rock Leaders

Well, not because it’s essential reading means it’ll be read, understood or implemented, with any speed. The attitude of rock-crawlers goes something like this, “Why dem white people in Englan’ doh come dong here and sort out t’ings, instead ah makin’ big speech. Dem eh know nutn whuh going on here nuh!”. And, “Who dee ass is Cyaptain Walker tuh come tell we w’at tuh read!? Steups!!

Of course, many will be baffled by my style of writing which is most discouraging of anybody taking any notice of my posts or their content. For me it’s quite simple: my mission is not actually to cure stupidity. I don’t expect the stupid to read anything of importance. I only expect they will be ruled by those who have a higher degree of functional intelligence. This is actually real world stuff. You may not like it said so plainly but that is reality.

So, my posts are targeted at those who will see through to the needs of a Nation as the big issue and not stumble on my ‘attitude’, which is of no real importance on the world stage.  Therefore, I’m entirely satisfied if ‘you’ vex wid me and don’t read any of what Lord Neuberger has to say below.

Lord Neuberger Speech: A Delicate Balance