15 Jun 2013

How not to be stupid-101

Having upset many with my ‘arrogance’ in How to be stupid – Part 1, I felt obliged to give a guide to those who wanted to be less stupid. It seems fair enough. Errrh.. if you’re looking for me to hold your hand and help you click a mouse – it’s a good thing you’re not in swinging distance of my right arm.

The important factors that reduce stupidity are as follows:

  • Slowing thought processes so as to reflect carefully on things.
  • Developing critical thinking skills.
  • Applying those skills appropriately.
  • Critical thinking relies heavily on understanding and avoiding logical fallacies – so read up much on logical fallacies and try to spot them, in advertisements and interviews of people on TV.

Below are a few links to get you started.

  1. Skeptic.com podcasts
  2. Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe podcasts.
  3. Skeptics’ Guide to 20 logical fallacies
  4. http://www.logicalfallacies.info/ 
  5. Fallacy Files.
  6. Critical thinking on the web (at Austhink – software not required to think!).

Ask me no questions about 101 – or if you’re inclined to, read up  How to be stupid – Part 1.