14 Jun 2013


I haven’t been in a mental state of mind to blog lately. Too many news stories with highly negative influences, prey on my mind and make me fuming mad or depressed, and generally ruin my days. So, I occasionally opt for freedom from news, and will take a diversion into something else.

Lately, I’ve been trying to gather some old Sesame Street ‘Old School’ (as they are known online) videos for a friend with a 2 years old child, and I’ve had some partial success. The history of Sesame Street is fascinating, and I will recommend readers to dig into it themselves. Sesame Street was the first television show to use the medium of television to promote an education program specifically geared toward pre-schoolers. Its success was based upon more than 2 years of planning, input from many experts including psychologists, teachers, and even children tests audiences. It reminds me of when life was way simpler. I’ve even ‘discovered’ a British music group called Boney M, which was a very well-known group from the 70’s onward.

That diversion though was sorely needed when I see news items relating to a $6.8M wrecking bill for a firetruck costing $2M (defended stoutly by Cabinet), an admission by the AG that he is indeed spying on the DPP, (why is no one worried? Why no comment from the Law Association or Bar Association?). Then, we have a man who is 98% paralysed being mistreated so badly, in hospital where he is under the care of ‘professionals’ that he has bedsores and a hole in the head. Let’s not forget the murder situation with approximately 3 to 5 murders every 2 days.

Rubbish bag dress

    On the other hand, I was highly amused by this photo on the front page of the Trinidad Guardian. While I am not sure who the ‘designer’ of this ‘dress’ is, I was wondering whether is was:

    a) A rubbish bag

    b) a dyed crocus bag (the type we used to put crabs in)

    I wonder why ‘designers’ put on the runway ‘clothing’ that no one would practically wear… or is it as a man, I miss the ‘common sense’ that women have?