8 Jun 2013

The Captain upsets Gord again!

Gord has inspired those at TT Express to remove the following comment I posted on this article: A T&T theocracy. But I can assure you that the Devil rules this website – and Gord better doh come no whey near dis site – oddawise is akshaaan!! [At 15:27 GMT the post below is not there i.e. was there and has been removed].

“The influence of God has been responsible for slavery and the decimation of North and South American populations in the 300 hundred years following the arrival of Columbus. I can infer that this is true because it was clear that a Christian God is what factually in sociological studies allowed slavery and 'conversion by force' to continue for as long as it did. I can assert with much certainty that God did not lift a finger to end slavery. Or if he inspired Wilberforce and others, he certainly took his merry time in doing so.

If I am not correct above then it was the work of the 'devil'. Those who killed and threatened people in the process of 'converting' them, were imposters - the clergy included.

God has also stood by idly and watched upon a global phenomenon where it is factually the case - especially among the Catholic in Ireland, America and parts of Europe. Where is God when all this abuse is taking place? Or is it all lies? Are gum-bumping rock-crawlers gonna jess assert that the US, UK and other courts are all telling lies and working for the devil? Come nah man! Allyuh making fun.

God becomes at very best a co-conspirator, in all this because I'm told by several 'high up' Christians dat eef Gord wasn't there t'ings would be much worse! Oho so dat means dat eef Gord wasn't wraslin' (aka wrestling) wid dee devil to stop all dee wrongdoing (and doing such a poor job) , den there would be more sex abuse, rapes, murders or wha'ever. Errh.. hello.. what does omnipotence and omniscience mean? Oh a forget.. once we approach deese issues we have tuh forget dem and apply no logic at all. Gord doesn't want logic to be applied to his workings I've been told by many devout believers in Gord.

Gord and the Religions related to Gords have inspired serious atrocities. Wars and battles are fought in the name of Gord.. and people go into battle mouthing the name of Gord. Gord must be one chupid idiot - to take sides in a horrific thing such as war.

Well I held Gord tuh account! ( at bit.ly/ZAgK1F for those who can figure how to use dat). God doh fool arong wid me! I does tell him/her like it is.”

But importantly Gord has allowed me freedom of expression – a gift not given to TT Express forums. I jess cyah figure dis ting out – ah mean why Gord so curry favour. Oh jeezanages.. somebody goin’ tell meh tuh behave mehself, how i’s not Gord tuh blame but dee ppl at TT Express. Well either way I blaming Gord! Why? I say Gord should defend my freedom of speech in every place. But den again, I cyah trust Gord nuh – s/he sometime-ish man! Yeah…yeah.. save your insults, warnings and expressions of what you ‘hope’ etc.  Yes – and I know you and Gord don’t like words like “gum-bumping rock crawlers” – tough!

Note carefully though that Gord-believers are allowed to rubbish non-Gord-believers.. but it doh work dee odda way around.  So says Gord!