16 Jul 2013


It must be the heat… else why would the denizens of the Rock be as bright as a jackass in heat over Aunty K and Jack…?

First, we have Jack resigning under dubious circumstances following a Concacaf report that, in no ambiguous terms, called him a thief… Aunty K accepted his resignation but gut feeling on this Jumbie is that he was forced to resign… the resignation being an ‘out’ to save whatever little face (and I do mean little) he had left.

Now both parties in the forthcoming Chaguanas by-election are attempting to use the unknown circumstances of that resignation to advantage… Aunty K saying in a tack back approach that if Jack didn’t have heat on him, why did he resign and Jack saying he resigned to save heat on the country. But no matter what heat is being applied, the denizens are the ones being slowly roasted… but… like a crapaud in a frying pan, the denizens are adjusting their behaviour to accommodate the heat and like that crapaud will cook to death, so too denizens are failing to realise the danger of accommodation to the heat.

Hence the reason the dotish will still choose between Jack’s ILP and Aunty K’s UNC… they’re so busy adjusting to the heat you see, to realise the fire hot hot hot.

Too busy fighting to notice the heat applied to the media… starting when Suruj shafted a poor lil Muslim presenter up the backside some years ago for asking hard questions… Now the Guardian is bending over to take it up the jacksey and the same names are being called as applying pressure.

Me, I jess watching how all this play out, and I predict things going to get worse before it gets better… if at all. All I seeing is shit being baked into a nice hard patty, and they calling it cake.

Is the heat!