20 Jul 2013

High-dynamic-range imaging

Sunset in Glasgow

This view of the bridge over the River Clyde in the city of Glasgow was taken about 7 PM, while I was walking to a Chinese restaurant called Jimmy Chungs, for dinner.

To get the details of the sky, I switched my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (N7100) camera to HDR mode. Oddly enough, even though at 7 pm there is still bright sunshine, the dark contrast effect is because I was pointing the camera against the sun…


This is the same scene without the HDR mode.

“HDR methods provide higher dynamic range from the imaging process. Non-HDR cameras take pictures at one exposure level with a limited contrast range. This results in the loss of detail in bright or dark areas of a picture, depending on whether the camera had a low or high exposure setting. HDR compensates for this loss of detail by taking multiple pictures at different exposure levels and intelligently stitching them together to produce a picture that is representative in both dark and bright areas.”