22 Jul 2013

Roodal moonilal wins Award

Since creating the Hairy Cacahole Award there has only been one winner, Fuad Khan. Until now.

By this speech, Roodal Moonilal just became the recipient of the second bestowment.

He [Moonilal] noted that the Land Rover sport utility vehicle (SUV) that had been leased through the Housing Development Company (HDC), a State enterprise under his purview, for his use was now “parked in a garage somewhere”.

“I driving the same vehicle for two years, a Rover SUV and is only when the campaign start and Jack Warner start campaigning they start attacking me for the vehicle. So I stop using it because I say I don’t want to distract from the campaign. It is now parked in a garage somewhere. It is the same money we paying every month and nobody saying anything. You can pay the same money every month once Roodal Moonilal not using it. It is the same money, you know, but I must not use it. I must still be on the bull-cart,” he said.

For a man with a law degree, it is absolutely shameful that he fails to understand the concept of the rule of law.