15 Aug 2013

Success and Failure

Well, murders are on the rise again on the Rock… this time, I dare say that there will be no stopping further bloodshed, as the police appear to be even less able than usual. It behoves me to point out that the PP came to power promising a 120 day crime plan amongst other things, yet have failed to deliver 3 years on… while a misguided public still thinks that the PP is the the better option of Government.

On the other hand, there is an additional and rising faction that thinks Jack Warner is the new Messiah, and the saviour of the TnT ship. Recently, I was in a conversation with a Rock crawler who became most vociferous in pointing out ‘how much Jack do for the people’. When I asked what did he do, I was told not to worry about what he did, the people knows.

I then asked, “What about the corruption cloud hanging over Jack’s head?”… to which again I was told in a ‘strong’ tone that, “That eh matter, the people benefiting!”

After a few exchanges like this, I wisely withdrew from the conversation, because to further point out that Jack was corrupt, a thief and a scoundrel will only make Rock Crawlers dig in like Alabama ticks… a sure sign that despite knowing Jack is corrupt, a thief and a scoundrel, they will still support him if he hijacks a few millions and pass along a few thousands… as long as something is passed along, the people feel they are benefiting… but cognitive dissonance is at full mast.

Coming back to crime though, I notice Jack has wisely stayed out of promises in this area. After all, as Minister of National Security, not only was he a dismal failure but he enriched himself to the tune of $9.5 M while in office (in the ONE instance, more may arise)… which I admire… really. Only a man like Jack could be a failure and a success at the same time.

With crime on the increase, the police dunceys too have stopped their sheep-like bleating about crime plans (as did politicians) and other similar sound bites. The fact is, Trinidad and Tobago lacks the balls to do what is truly necessary to abate crime. Everything is done at political expediency.

Of course, there is no lack of will in demanding (yes, demanding) better remuneration packages, from MPs to dunceys, to judges. Appeals are made to public, to the President and to anyone who will listen. Yet, one has to ask whether the public is getting value for money… MPs certainly appear to be.

Violent crime, and white collar crime now appear to be spiralling out of control… what’s next?