4 Aug 2013

The Problem With the President’s Speech

After reading President Carmona’s speech, I spent several long hours thinking about it. On the face of it, it is a good speech, even a great speech. I certainly rank it up there with the edifying missives that are coming out of the Privy Council or British Supreme Court.. or even by those given externally by members of these elite institutions.

But after thinking about the speech, I concluded that despite its important and illuminating message, it fell like pearls before swine. It will be unappreciated, ignored by the likes of the PM, Moonilal, Rambachan etc. Ego and pride will continue to trump honour, as the man said. His request for Cooperation and better Conduct will fall on deaf ears.

Likely my former letter to the President was read. Open-mouthed smile

He has openly warned those treading the corridors of power, real or imagined:

I will not, therefore, be burdened by the cronyism of the past and the present or engaged in a fossilized interpretation of my constitutional remit. I will not budge from engaging progressive change nor will I be bullied by those who cannot cope with such change.

I now await the fireworks.