23 Sept 2013

A Caprine defence

Hear dis…

167879700Allyuh t’ink if ah man get ketch molesting .. a goat, for instance… allyuh t’ink he could go to court and tell de judge, “Ah see meh neighbour do it, so I do it too”? Ah doh t’ink dat is a real defence nah… more like a caprine defence.

Ah jess had to ask that, because this morning ah seeing, from the less than honourable AG of all people, the same old caprine defence that… “If the PNM do it, why we cyah do it too?”

Once apon a time, de AG was touted as a bright bright fella… but dat was when he was sitting in de shadow ah Sir Fenton Ramsahoye. People use tuh say how the AG was real bright to take all dem case and ting to the Privy Council… buh in retrospect (ah know is a big word fuh this post), ah have to say that most ah dem was in a kinda partnership wid Sir Fenton… and dat I t’ink is where the population of the lil Rock get fool. Because dey start to see the AG, when he was a private la’yer, nah, as some kinda miracle advocate.

Buh look at how tings tu’n out… de first signs dat he eh so bright was mere weeks after he get appointed as ah AG, and Sir Fenton wasn’ around to hol’ he hand and lead him ‘rong.

Ah mean, dis man making elementary mistakes we use to tap up school chirren for… and look how de country accepting the shit he shovelling out. As de Captain say… dung beetles does live and thrive in a whole world ah shit… buh dey eh know… that is shit…