27 Oct 2013

A Misstepping bellowing cow

Rafique Shah in his TT Express Commentary of 26th October 2013, refers to the Prime Minister of T&T as a cow!

"Only the following night I would learn that she actually went to Rienzi, and in the stupor of defeat, she bellowed like a cow about to be slaughtered, croaking something incoherent. Again, I tried to figure out what she was doing. I was told she tried to sing melody lines from a song titled “This place called home”. I listened to the original on YouTube, and, well, I think Kamla and her chorus group should sing in private, behind firmly locked, soundproof doors…..

Well the video of the PM seemed to make it fair comment. After this, I’m either Jamaican or Scottish for the next few weeks.

But the PM has a history of making missteps – and does not disappoint. She compounds her misstep on this occasion by simply seeking to defend her embarrassing behaviour. She goes on to intellectualise the misstep – a pattern we’ve seen before.