4 Oct 2013


Yes – I heard some of you think it, “What the hell is the Cap on about now?!

Well, I happened to be walking through Cardiff town centre (in Wales, for those who don’t know) and came across James and his amazingly different product. I’ll call this a health product because, as it can help people to stop smoking tobacco – and that’s bound to be a good health effect. 20131004_122407

Yes it is another electronic cigarette product – however, I kid you not, this is very very different. See photos below.

Please see James’s website www.dragon-10.com for his no quibble guarantee. If you’re a smoker or you know someone who may need a helping hand do visit his site.

I have to admire James for starting his own business and moving this innovative product.

The Cap had a very good look at this product and was convinced that it was worth a try.

Just to be clear, James is not paying me anything for blogging this – the Cap just doesn’t work like that! Whilst I can’t endorse the product, because I haven’t tried it, I think it is innovative and is worth a try.