10 Oct 2013

War Criminal now in the UK

It was confirmed today that Charles Taylor is now in a UK prison to serve his 50 year sentence. This decision was made on 4th October 2013, contrary to popular belief that it was pre-arranged at (in, or on) some earlier date. See the order below. Important to those of the ‘Rock’ order, is that a Trinidadian-born lawyer and British Citizen, was an important part of this waypoint in history.  See also: So far and yet so close.

SCSL Presidents Order for Charles Taylor to be moved to UK Prison

2013_10_10_14_22_050001_wmAs some may recall the Cap was in The Hague to listen to the historic judgment delivered by Judge King on 26th September 2013.  It was a privilege to be there at this most important landmark in International Law. It was not just because Taylor was the first former Head of State to be convicted by an international criminal tribunal since the Nuremburg trials in 1946, but because the written judgment of this case,  some 350 pages, was probably the most in-depth exploration of International Law in a decade (or ever).  It will serve as a reference for other such trials to come, and will send a clear message to Heads of State around the globe.

I just had to insert a photo of my gallery pass here. And I am proud – really – that my tax-payers money will keep Taylor locked up until the very end.