8 Oct 2013

Word of the day


Rock-crawlers are predicted to think of sex – missing the true intention of the phrase. Yuh know, to Rock-crawlers ‘sex’ means only one thing – sex! Anything with sex it is just sex – end of argument! That’s how they think – and behave.  LMAO

The meanings of words and phrases change with time – but if you’re caught in a third-world mind or cultural lock, you won’t be expected to know what changed or when.

Since 2003 the word ‘sexed-up’ has come to mean, “…the sense of making something more attractive than it really is by selective presentation; a modern update to the phrase "hyped up". Variants include "sex it up". The implication is that no actual lying is taking place, but that spin is being placed on certain parts of the message.” – Wikipedia. Whilst Wikipedia is not an authoritative dictionary sort of reference, on this occasion it has captured the meaning of the word correctly.